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The YWHT safeguards and promotes the Yorkshire Wolds through assessments, district plans, cultural strategies, design statements, educational seminars and more.

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Houghton Woods
Spring 2023 Newsletter

The west facing Wold escarpment from North Cave to Market Weighton reveals one of the underlying rock types of the Wolds – a hard band of impermeable Oxford clay forming a marked step in the scarp slope.

High Gardham
Summer 2021 Newsletter

The view from High Gardam looking north captures the sweep of the Wolds from the field in the foreground, then left, the High Wolds beyond the Dalton Estate woodland, curving across the horizon towards Flamborough off to the right.

The Yorkshire Wolds Gardener

There is a Chinese proverb: ‘If you have only two pennies in the world – with one buy bread, with the other buy a lily’.

Summer 2020 Newsletter

Since lockdown was first announced we have been harbouring a vain hope that it might be lifted in time to resume with some of the activities on the 2020 programme, possibly June, then possibly July

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